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Yuru Yuru Vol.7 Fuyutsuki issue


Just think about the society surrounding children
■ Authors: Naohi Kobayashi, Nanako Maruyama, Hiromi Ogawara, Yuki Fujiwara
■ Publisher name: Nanaho Tentosha

【Product introduction】
There are many things that I think are "funny!" In the society surrounding children these days. We talk to experts about food, education, medical care, the environment, the media, etc., and publish just "Yuruyuru" to think about various questions together with you.

I received a nice booklet from the people of Kansai (4 staff members: Nanaho Tentosha). The title is truly "relieved".
"Yuruyuru" = A book with a nice sound that makes you want to express it with eurythmy. ("Sekaseka", "Kichikichi", "Sokoku", "Kikkari", "Kachiri", "Kippaki" This is a fun sequence of consonants). It's a little stuffy, and it's a society that is difficult for someone like me to live in.
However, the booklet is the 7th book with a long history. There is a subtitle-a book that considers the society surrounding children. The world that children meet is hard to change, and I tend to stare at it with a criticism, but on the other hand, how to deal with it rather than swearing, especially if the environment from the outside is harsh. I feel that it is important for us adults to be free to face each other.
Now, the special feature of this issue is "Thinking about food" so that "Yuruyuru" and the wisdom of adults are born. Please enjoy slowly.
The cover page uses "Tohoku Cotton Paper," which supports farmers suffering from salt damage in Tohoku after the Great East Japan Earthquake from behind. Thank you for your support in Tohoku.

Seikodo Publishing Etchu Makoto

【Registration information】
Plate type: 148 x 210 mm 52 pages
Date of issue: November 2014
ISBN: 978-4-904082-26-3

【table of contents】
<< Special feature >> Thinking about food

"Eating is living"
Nobuko Yamamoto, Associate Professor, Osaka Aoyama College
"Omusubi" and "Onigiri"
Society seen from bread
Report Kazuki Omori Lecture & Cooking Workshop
Loose recipe
Loose questionnaire

Ton-chan's cultivating diary
Hiroshige Tomita
How do people become coffee shops?
Kami Yu Kyoshima
What can be left for children living in the area
Hisashi Yamada
Yuka Someday I see and see
Yoko Yoshida
Consumer society and children
In everyday life
Cinema room
Loose bookshelf

Next issue notice / editing postscript

Yuru Yuru Vol.7 Fuyutsuki issue