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Epoch Notes

It is a notebook with high application ability that can be written with pencils, colored pencils, fountain pens, etc., mainly used in Steiner School. It has features ranging from the texture and color of the paper to the writing comfort.

Waldorf education

Steiner Education Books

We will introduce books edited, printed, and published at Akita Elaborate Hall.



About us

Founded in 1934, he has been involved in printing for more than 90 years, and is mainly involved in the production of epoch notes in Steiner education.

I would like to convey my knowledge and wisdom to heroge. With that thought, printing technology has advanced more than ancient times. We also live on the current forefront, we have words that you want to leave for a better future than now. I think. I want to support you, passing your "thoughts" through printing. Please feel free to say "I think". In epoch notes, we have all the growth of children, and all manually produce.