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Wool handmade work


Waldorf Doll Handmade Series 1
■ Author: Sakae Kakuguchi
■ Publisher name: Elaborate Publishing

【Product introduction】
The animals introduced in this booklet can be used as toys by themselves, but they can also be used as dolls when telling stories. Photos are posted so that you can also see some puppet show sets. I will take another opportunity to make standing dolls (the shape of a person made of felt) and dolls that do not use copper wire, and this time I will only make animals made of copper wire and some flowers (using copper wire). I posted it.

【Registration information】
Edition: B5 size (182 x 257 mm) 44 pages
Issue date: 2018/9/25 (1st print)
ISBN: 978-4-904082-41-6

【table of contents】

Materials to prepare and tools to use

How to make the basics "Dog"
Make a skeleton
Roll the groundwork
Roll colored wool
Variations of "basic making"

How to make a "bird"
Make chicken (attached: basic shape)
Variation of "Bird"

How to make "flowers"
Make a button
Make tulips
Make Miyakore
Variation of "flower"

Animals in Mailchen
Spring story
Summer story
Autumn story
Winter story


Wool handmade work