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History of its name
■ Author: Hansuierk Hofrichter
Translation: Yoko Fuji
Publisher name: Japan Steiner School Establishment Support Center

【Product introduction】
Steiner education (school) ...
I came to remember the familiarity with Rudolf Steiner as the crown. For us, the first Steiner school was opened in Stuttgart in 1919 as the "Waldorf School".

The strong mission and passion for education of Rudolf Steiner and Emil Molt (run by the Waldorf Astoria Tobacco Company) at that time is unimaginable.

Now, the book begins in 1763 when Johann Jacob Astoria, the son of a butcher in the village of Walldorf near Heidelberg, goes on a journey and makes a fortune.

-I would be happy if you could take a look at this book published in 2002, 12 years ago. It was decided to release what was sleeping in the warehouse.
It reminds me of the translator, Yoko Fuji, who told me that she wanted to publish a book by her teacher, Hansuierk Hofrichter.
And I also read it freshly while looking at the very beautiful old and old photographs.

Seikodo Publishing Etchu Makoto

【Registration information】
Plate type: 168 x 237 mm (full color) 28 pages Publication date: July 15, 2002 First printing issued

【table of contents】
History of its name

・ From "Walldorf" to "Waldorf"
・ Waldorf School
・ Waldorf Education-Characteristics and Essence
・ What a great name wants
・ Name protection
・ Name protection and human dignity
・ Radiation to Waldorf and its economic activities
・ Waldorf Foundation-Future Vision

Original note

・ Waldorf Astor House Museum
・ Waldorf Astor Foundation
・ Waldorf Foundation

Translator's postscript