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[In translation] Seasonal handmade "summer and autumn"


Daily life of a mother who met Steiner education
■ Author: Rika Yamashita
Publisher name: Elaborate Publishing

* This book is new, but some pages and stains are stained due to deterioration over time. Please purchase after you are satisfied. Exchange returns will only be accepted for incorrect or missing pages.

【Product introduction】
Two volumes, "Summer and Autumn" and "Winter and Spring," are published at the same time. When you get tired of work and get it, you can say hot tiredness. A book with a nice feeling of fantasy. The paper contains cotton.

【Registration information】
Edition: A5 size 44 pages
Publication date: 2007/11/01 (new edition)
ISBN: 978-4-904082-00-3

【table of contents】
Summer [summer]
・ Beginning with plums ・ Bread making using natural yeast ・ Rose fairy and sourdough ・ Bonnet ・ Feedsack collage [feedsack collage]
・ Essential oil 1
・ Essential oil 2

Autumn [autumn]
・ Mushroom and potato risotto ・ Beignet apple wrapping ・ Hidden sashimi ・ Making tools for making ・ Wool lilian and warm dining table ・ Mushroom and harvest wreath ・ Kunugi no Boya

Week story [a week story]
・ Sunday [sunday]
・ Monday [monday]
・ Tuesday [tuesday]
・ Wednesday [wednesday]
・ Thursday [thursday]
・ Friday [friday]
・ Saturday [saturday]

[In translation] Seasonal handmade "summer and autumn"