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Steiner's Gerontology-The Secret of Old Age


Author: Toshio Niwa
■ Publisher name: Ryofu Shorin

* This book is new, but some pages and stains are stained due to deterioration over time. Please purchase after you are satisfied. Exchange returns will only be accepted for incorrect or missing pages.

【Product introduction】
Is physical weakness only a negative meaning?
Or is it essential for growth ...
This book attempts to uncover the secrets of aging based on Steiner's spirituality.
A must-read life science for the younger generation.

Raising a conscious soul is not easy.
It is an issue that should be continuously addressed even in senior years.
It is in the sixth and seventh years that we begin to face that challenge.

* In the senior period, human beings who are spiritual and spiritual beings collapse their vital bodies and bodies.
Time to complete through the process of death From the text

"Gerontology" = The author wrote with a very unique title.
Without expressing old age in emotions. Or, as an academic discipline, do not say anything with self-satisfaction. ...
The plain narrative that comes from the personality of the author who learned Steiner deeply illuminates the latter half of his life, divided by the epoch of the number 7.
Moreover, I feel that a shining life will be opened toward the "Gate of Death".
Steiner felt how optimistic he was towards humanity and life. The bright demise is a joy.
Especially for people around the age of 42, this is a must-read book ...
I sang in the school song of Furusato Omagari Junior High School (check it out on the homepage). You can also foresee that it has been realized in your life.
Page 66, "The Biography Map of 1984," is wonderful.
Recommendation Seikodo Publishing Etchu Makoto

【Registration information】
Plate type: A5 size deformation (151 x 200 mm) 142 pages
Published: December 3, 2013 First edition, first volume published
ISBN: 978-4-903865-29-4

【table of contents】
Chapter 1 Power and memory of unhealthy life
Chapter 2 Rich feeling power activates life
Chapter 3 Aging and the Meaning of Life
Chapter 4 Seven Years Rhythm of Seniors
Chapter 5 Life after Death and Reincarnation
Chapter 6 Higher ego and karma that guide our lives
Chapter 7 Encounter with Christ in the Age of Individuals

Steiner's Gerontology-The Secret of Old Age