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An esoteric community in Rudolf Steiner's mystery play


Knights Templar, Rosicrucian, People Surrounding Benedictus
■ Author: Peter Zerk / Translation: Yuko Kagawa
■ Publisher name: Yade Initiative

【Product introduction】
"A tremendous thing has happened before us and we are with us. It's a scene of a spiritual mountain, but even if one bets his life and tries to conquer it. It's hard to understand and learn to the end. "
(Christian Morgenstern, 1913)

This mysterious commentary by Peter Zerck, the most notable anthroposophy researcher these days, is carried by the mysterious community = "people surrounding Benedictus," the anthroposophy community of Steiner's time. It's a really exciting book that unravels the karmic thread and explores the mystery of Rudolf Steiner and the anthroposophy movement. Today, the second mysterious commentary translated by Yuko Kagawa, which provides a new perspective for thinking about the formation of a community that truly has healing powers.

【Registration information】
Plate type: A5 (148 x 210 mm) 104 pages
Publication date: 2016/09/01 First edition issued
ISBN: 978-4-904082-35-5

【table of contents】

Chapter 1 << What is willing in this service to the recognition of the spirit >>
Mystery play intent
1-1. Karma that became visible on the stage
1-2. The law of human development that has become individual
1-3. Mystery play as a transmigration rebirth drama
1-4. Connection with esoteric Christianity
1-5. Significance of mystery play that is valid even today
1-6. Steiner's intent when dealing with a person's destiny
1-7. Historical background of the spiritual community in the play
1-8. Incarnation of the ancient Egyptian era that defines the 20th century

Chapter 2 << Seeds of love for posterity >>
Knights Templar
2-1. Medieval association as a mirror image of ancient Egypt
2-2. Entering the mystery of will in the Knights Templar
2-3. Spiritual attack from the power of evil
2-4. Posthumous spiritual life of the Knights Templar
2-5. Anthroposophical Society and Knights Templar

Chapter 3 << Signs promise a lot >>
3-1. The mysterious words of the Rosicrucian
3-2. Lines of occult action in Central Europe
3-3. Release of esotericism in the play

Chapter 4 << Experience me in you >>
People surrounding Penedictus
4-1. Verbal Penedictus Work
4-2. Mantra language and quality
4-3. Accompanied by a gurus in the 20th century
4-4. Christ as the source of the work of Penedictus

Chapter 5 << To work as a healing power in the world >>
Anthroposophy community and Ahriman
5-1. Shoot Radha facing Ahriman
5-2. Road to Christ
5-3. Bankruptcy and Rebirth of Anthroposophical Society
5-4. Maria-an exemplary development as a disciple


Translator's postscript

An esoteric community in Rudolf Steiner's mystery play