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Malocclusion eurythmy therapy


■ Author: Maraike Kaiser / Translation: Rika Sarutani, Ikumi Takeara, Kazuyumi Tsukino
■ Publisher name: Japan Eurythmy Therapist Association

【Product introduction】
In eurythmy therapy, we
The form that made the shape of the body and continues to make it
Return to modeling power.

This may also be said.
We return to the shape of the original statue of God,
The form that human beings made by that god
It helps to make it again.

This book was born from the visit of author Maraike Kaiser, an eurythmy therapist, to Japan in 2018 to provide doctors and eurythmy therapists with a course of eurythmy therapy in the field of dentistry. The theme is "malocclusion" in the field of dentistry, but the content related to the basis of eurythmy therapy is described here. When translating, I tried to make it easier for readers to read while staying true to the original text.

【Registration information】
Plate type: A5 size (147 x 210 mm) 28 pages
Date of issue: November 1, 2019
ISBN: 978-4-904082-46-1

【table of contents】
1. 1. Introduction
2. Origin of eurythmy therapy
3. 3. What is Eurythmy Therapy
Four. Anthroposophy as a foundation
Five. Malocclusion from the anthroposophy of anthroposophy 5-1. Centrifugal occlusion, mesial occlusion, opposite occlusion 5-2. Overcapsular occlusion-open bite 5-3. Crowding-void dentition
6. Quadruple in human
7. 7. Effect of eurythmy therapy
8. 8. Malocclusion eurythmy therapy
9. Two cases at the end
Ten. Words from my mother

References Postscript

Malocclusion eurythmy therapy