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Bank for humans


History of GLS Bank as a social movement
■ Author: Rolf Keller / Translation: Yuko Murakami Satoshi Murakami
■ Publisher name: Ryofu Shorin

【Product introduction】
Born in the 1960s and 1970s, the Boffm GLS Trust and Community Bank are practicing activities with an emphasis on spiritual and ideological aspects, with the motto of [financial institution for human beings] in response to the doubts and anxieties of people of this era. It is a bank that continues to. Aiming for a universal, human-like bank where people can support and work with each other, we have created a methodology for that purpose and created a system of conditions that can respond flexibly. The author uses many concrete examples, such as how he responded to various requests specifically requested by individuals and civic movements, using creative ideas, and why it was possible. Introducing.

By reading this book, even in a rigid social organization that seems impossible to change, a solution that has not been solidified or formalized centered on human beings and has never been thought of by anyone has been found, and it is still new. You will have the courage to go on an adventure.


Each person's small creativity changes society significantly

For the future of nature and humans
Do not burden the earth any more.
Banks attach great importance to the natural environment
By supporting facilities and people who strive for sustainable management
You can make a big contribution.


"The earth must not be the object or product of economic activity,
Land is not allowed to be mortgaged ... "


If money is only used as a means of payment
We cannot change the world so much.
However, if you act with many like-minded people,
It can surely promote production development,
As a result, consumers can bring movement to the world.
(Quote / Translated text)

【Registration information】
Plate type: A5 size deformation (136 x 211 mm), 184 pages Publication date: 2014/8/24 First edition, first edition issued
ISBN: 978-4-903865-30-0

【table of contents】
Preface to the Japanese version / Paul Mackay
1 GLS Trust and Community Bank Beginning and Dissemination Power
2 Charitable Trust Corporation
3 Business participation of an entrepreneur
4 Bulkhoff law firm as a starting point for the trust
5 Bawku Farm-An example of a farm of the future
6 Do not let the land be the target of speculation
7 New ownership relationships open up new prospects
8 Hurenhagen-Another example in agriculture
9 weekend trip
10 There are various issues in various other fields as well.
11 Various missions of the trust
12 Philosophy of establishment of new bank
13 Public Interest Credit Guarantee Association
14 Trust and GKG integration
15 Attempt of industrial alliance
16 Neugs
17 Community Bank
18 Interest format issues
19 First credit
20 Lending community
21 Agricultural community
22 Liquid Asset Community
23 Economic community
24 Bank as a place of education
25 International cooperation
26 Banks and Society
・ Introduction of key figures
・ Translation
・ Translator commentary
・ Reference materials From GLS Bank public relations materials
・ Question from GLS Bank / Nao Kobayashi + Junichi Uchida (written and edited)

Bank for humans