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The power of art that nurtures humans


Art therapy course based on Steiner's outlook on humanity
■ Author: Michaela Greckler
Translation: Hiki Ishii Kimiko Ishikawa
Publisher name: Michaela Greckler Art Lecture Executive Committee

【Product introduction】
Art awakens our intellect-biased, comprehensive human abilities and potential for a great future. And it is what makes us mature abundantly.
This era in which we live is an era in which science and technology have a great influence. But for humanity to grow soundly, art is needed above all.

【Registration information】
Edition: A5 size 122 pages
Release date: 6/16/2015
ISBN: 978-4-904082-29-4

【table of contents】
Introduction Akiko Yoshizawa

Lecture 1 May 5, 2013 Morning
The world inside and outside humans
The role of art in anthroposophy
Relationship between child growth and architecture, drawing, and music
Joseph Beuys and social art
Art as education and art as therapy
Architectural elements in human body structure
Human beings and architecture / sculpture / painting / music / language
Further possibilities of art in education

Lecture 2 May 5, 2013 Afternoon
Art as a way to seize the ego
The connection between art and human components
Eurythmy art
Opposite to social art
Promoter of Anthroposophy Art Therapy
Educational value of art

Lecture 3 May 6, 2013 AM
Educational effects of eurythmy
Relationship between spiritual self and poetry
Threats from radioactivity and electromagnetic waves and eurythmy
Educational and healthy effects of music
Music and seven free subjects in the Middle Ages
Role of art education
Therapeutic education and art therapy
The difference between educational and therapeutic effects in art
Lecture 4 May 6, 2013 Afternoon
The relationship between the work of the four human components and art
How it should be as an integrated art
The essence of color
Therapeutic and educational effects of color

Afterword Kiyoko Takeda

Material at the end of the book
"A long time ago ..." (German original) Rudolf Steiner

Color wheel Goethe's color wheel, Steiner's color wheel
The flow of the day

Eurythmy figure vowel
Eurythmy Figure Consonants (Sound Arrangement of Twelve Consonants for Evolution and Development)

"Development and Prospects of Art Therapy as a Treatment for Anthroposophy Medicine" Michaela Greckler

* The description in parentheses in the text is by the translator. In addition, since this lecture record is written in Japanese, the final confirmation by the speaker has not been made. Therefore, please note that the final responsibility for the translated content lies with the translator, Kimiko Ishikawa.

The power of art that nurtures humans