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Sea of light


Consideration of death from Steiner thought and how to face death
■ Author: Michael Dave's / Translation: Yuko Kagawa
■ Publisher name: Elaborate Publishing

【Product introduction】
Death is not the end, but the transformation of life.
Rudolf Steiner

Michael Daves, a priest of the Christian Community who has a history of being close to many deaths and is a well-established speaker in the world of anthroposophy, will give a lecture at Tokyo / Kokubunji in the summer of 2018. He shed light on "death". To know "death", which is a destiny that no one can escape, is to know what human beings are and what the meaning of life is. Therefore, by being aware of death and sleep, which is a small death, our daily life may gain another dimension of quality and our culture may be deeper.

Already translated into several languages, he said, "Near beyond death. The full translation of "Awareness Stage of Life after Death" is also recorded at the same time.

A book that gives healing and hope to those who live in pain, who have lost their loved ones, those who have anxiety and fear of death that will come someday, and those who live for a better life.

【Registration information】
Plate type: A5 size (147 x 210 mm) 152 pages
Publication date: 2019/03/11 (First edition issued)
ISBN: 978-4-904082-45-4

【table of contents】
Death-life on the other side

1. Lecture in the morning of the first day <Preparation for death>
Seeing death as a transformation What remains of the experience of death Appropriate way of dealing with death Develops selflessness in the face of death Accepting death as a fact of life Funeral words by Rudolf Steiner Final oil type The tranquility of the dead " Time becomes a space "-Looking back on life Protecting the dead

2. Lecture in the afternoon of the first day <First three days after death>
The moral morality that protects the tranquility of the human body The farewell ceremony that connects the death of the human being with the etheric body of Christ in the element world and the etheric world

3. Day 1 Q & A / Sharing / Supplementary Cemetery About the final oil ceremony About the tranquility during the enshrinement About the flowers for the dead About the relationship between the etheric body of the dead and the etheric body of Christ About the posthumous consciousness and the awakening in the spirit world About the speed of waking up About the actual funeral

4. Lecture in the morning of the second day <Farewell ceremony and sanctification of the dead>
Christian view of human beings from the 9th century that captures death in a schematic manner Distinguishing two types of emotions Emotions that make my soul objective make universal truths individual truths Human beings are the spirit, soul, and body Awakening and resurrection point consciousness and surrounding consciousness in the funeral farewell ceremony, which is regarded as physicality Condolences: The power of resurrection given by the dead sanctification ceremony asking why it was born Four stages of funeral

5. Lecture in the afternoon of the second day <Relationship with the dead>
Distinguishing the two consciences Individual consciences create value from the crisis of relationships Fire purification: Distinguishing between the essential and the non-essential The relationship between the dead and the living who attracts the attention of the angel snuggles up to the reflection of the dead Time to nurture The will is a spiritual community based on joyful determination

6. Day 2 Q & A / Supplementary Review of the evening The need for humility

How is consciousness related to the opposite pole death of death and life as the end of the earthly being that snuggles up beyond death?
Consciousness and Conscience Disciplined Conscience Individual Conscience Three Stages of Invocation of Individual Conscience Death and Death-The Process of Transformation Separated Transformation Connected Transformation After Death Identity in Earth Life The first few days after death Changed conditions Awakening in the transformation Who am I originally?
How can we foster ties with the dead?
Helping the Dead Connections with the Dead Internal Relationships to the Dead References

Michael Daves Lecture Material Gorgoda's Blood Ethered Earth's Aura Fifth Ether is Moral

Sea of light