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Minamisawa Steiner Children's Garden Advent and Christmas


~ To adults and children living in the present age ~
■ Author: So Kira
■ Publisher name: Minamizawa Steiner Children's Garden Raising Association

【Product introduction】
This book is a concrete record of the seasons of Advent (December 1st) -Christmas-New Year-Matsunouchi (January 7th) based on the 12 years of my experience with children. However, the happy sentences are wonderful as a rye player, and you can read Kira-san's personality, kindly, as if he were speaking, as if he were playing. Also, the picture of Minamisawa Steiner Children's Garden at the beginning is very beautiful. (The Advent vortex made from fir branches is also nice.)

Christmas is at the same time as the winter solstice, and I can't help but hope (without praying) that the children will spend this time of "the birth of light" (sometimes the victory of light toward darkness). .. That's right. One person said that it was a mistake to translate the word of the Bible into the Japanese word "love", which has a strong vector toward himself. (I'm afraid to say love, but I think it's an important word ... but love your enemies! It's impossible for me ...) Instead, "important" " Let's translate it as "important" and restate it. It made me warmer to find out that this book was more and more "cherishing" to capture children, to capture education, and to take action on their own.

Seikodo Publishing Etchu Makoto

【Registration information】
Plate type: A5 size (148 x 210 mm) 46 pages Publication date: 2014/10/20 (First edition issued)
ISBN: 978-4-90402-25-6
JASRAC output 1413434-401

【table of contents】
Color photo page

Seasonal tour 1 year rhythm
Seasonal colors
Birth of light
Light for everyone
Modern Christmas
Christmas for the common people in Japan
Advent Garden
Apple candle
Advent Wreath Tomomi Tree
Making candles for Mitsuro
Christmas drama
Making cookies
Christmas as a sensory experience
Santa Claus and Christmas gifts
How to spend Christmas day
Image of the birth of Christ
Three kings
Three Kings Drama
Root Christmas


Minamisawa Steiner Children's Garden Advent and Christmas