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Child soul health

-Recommendations from pediatricians in anthroposophy medicine-

Authors: Jürgen Miller, Christoph Meller
Translation: Yuko Kagawa
■ Publisher name: Kobe Steiner Education Study Group

【Product introduction】
This book is one of the three papers and two-day lectures sent in advance for Dr. Jürgen Meller's extension course [Soul Health in Childhood] held in Osaka on February 24th and 25th, 2018. This is a translated and edited version of the two frames of the above.

【Registration information】
Plate type: A5 size (210 x 148 mm) 96 pages
Publication date: 2018/8/1 (First Edition)
2019/10/1 (3rd edition) ISBN: 978-4-904082-40-9

【table of contents】
1. 1. Children's soul health How to nurture children's soul health?
Introduction What is resilience?
Emmy Werner Risks and Demands of Today's Interesting Research and Researchers How can Resilience Develop?

Children's Health Today-Old and New Children's Illnesses "Old Children's Illnesses" That Promote Incarnation of Children
"New Childhood Illness" -Disease Created by Modern Civilization The Harmful Effects of Increased Media Use Personality Structure of Media-Dependent Youth What Can You Do About Media Addiction?
Awakens the youth's own will to recover

2. 2. Children with difficulties Attention deficit / hyperactivity disorder / ADHD
Guidance Concepts General Symptoms Multiple Factors Related to Causes Epidemiology of ADHD Social and Biographical Consequences General Perspectives on Educational Measures General Perspectives on Treatment General Perspectives on Treatment Drug Treatment

Q & A and supplement about ADHD Q & A supplement

Autism Why Autism Has Increased Today Understanding Autism from Rudolf Steiner's 12 Sensory Theories Different Forms of Autism Treatment of Autism Compulsive Behavior is a Message The Importance of Fever Developmental disability is a manifestation of human developmental diversity

3. Internal training for those involved with children The need for internal training to get closer to others Health and fluctuations-What the rod of Asclepius means The will to understand others To acquire empathy Objectives of training Steiner's educational law-working from the next level Recognizing the deeper essence of children-Child study Q & A

Open Lecture with Dr. Meller [Soul Health in Childhood] Overview

Child soul health