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The day when the Steiner School in Japan started


■ Authors: Michiko Koyasu, Momoko Inoue
■ Publisher name: Elaborate Publishing

【Product introduction】
Tokyo, the capital city, emerged in a bubble 30 years ago.
Tokyo Steiner Schule was born in a room of a metropolitan housing.
The first grader was eight. Throughout the 14 years of unlicensed times of hardship and crisis
Today in the 21st century Steiner Gakuen is a 12-year school corporation.
The students of the old days are in their thirties, and the passion of the founders is still hot.
52 colorful essays that talk about the dawn freely.

【Registration information】
Edition: 432 pages in 46 sizes
Publication date: 2017/6/15 (First edition, first print)
ISBN: 978-4-904082-37-9

【table of contents】
Introduction (Momoko Inoue)

Chapter 1 Accumulated thirty years
Congratulations (Kiyoko Takeda)
Great achievements and conflicts yesterday, today, tomorrow (Masao Naka)
Traces of human growth (Masami Kanda)

Children who attended Chapter 2 <Schuele>
First-year boys trio (Kei Abe)
Open the mysterious entrance door (Minami Yamazaki)
If you give it a globe, your friends will be on this continent, that country, and your teacher will be (Masa Okuno).
Is it a classroom for each lesson ... (Haruka Fukuda)
What I can write now (Yoshiko Sakurai)
Light and shadow, what I think about 20 years later (Ryoma Matsumoto)
The east-west wall is broken and the Steiner School is also in East Berlin (translated by Daniela Clause / Momoko Inoue)
A child with fate, now reading "Schule News" (Momoko Inoue)
A long journey to freedom (Morigoshi)

Chapter 3 Thoughts and thoughts of adults who made
Parents of struggle (Takao Fukuda)
Daughter who caught a long-eared bat (Yoshiko Fukuda)
I don't even know that the days of rage will come (Yumiko Sakuma)
Fellowship without tatemae (Mako Abe)
The year that began with the Eurythmy performance (Hatsuko Negishi)
Catacombs (Yuji Agematsu)
Days of trial and error-as an operator (Michiko Nomura)
Now urgent, teacher training (Setsuko Horiuchi)
Labor pains still continue ... Birth there--70 days of running with half a century of prehistory (Michiko Koyasu)

Chapter 4 Watchers, funny eyes, casual support
At the beginning of the beginning (Shigeki Kudo)
Immerse yourself in Steiner education as a public school teacher (Yuko Takaishi)
Helped by Schule (Etsuko Yamaura)
One letter, as an editor and father (Yutaka Yamada)
Grüß Gott, Steiner House! (Ken Nakamura)
Around the time of "Thinking about Steiner Education" (Chieko Hoshino)
Triggered by a book (Setsuko Yokokawa)

Chapter 5 Teachers who work hard
Taking on the role of the first first-year homeroom teacher at Japan's first Steiner Schule (Hitoshi Matsuda)
Takes over after Professor Matsuda and becomes the homeroom teacher for the 4th grade (Yasu Ogoshi)
Butterfly and Yuzu Tree (Naoko Kondo)
Only five, but five strong men (Mari Oshima)
To all first-year students (Etsuko Uematsu)
Talking about "seasonal stories" (Sumiaki Higuchi)
Recitative poems for "hand work" class (Michiko Koyasu)
In Japan, which should be far from Antropozov's parents ... (Christolye Jobst / Yuriko Omata)
German, frog play, teacher has not forgotten (Kazuhiro Suzuki)
Eulyut mist running on a sword in the early days (Chiyo Yokote)
Around the time when I played "Silver Coins of the Stars" (Sakae Kakuguchi)
Student in Germany, teacher in Japan-Personal opinion, Walldorf of Japan and Germany (Fumi Koyasu)
Raising children and Schule together through Eurythmy (Hatarieko)
Hermit crab days (Saeko Nakase)
Fateful mischief (Satoshi Masubuchi)

Chapter 6 "Anthroposophy" -Parents' Practice Begins
Three people, three people-in search of each way (Akiko Yoshizawa)
After five years full of crisis (Michiko Inoue)

Chapter 7 Various cooperation
Find a school building-Inokashira and then to the Mure school building (Sawako Takigawa)
Talking to Mr. H (T)
Collaboration with social movements: "Rights to education" movement during the Mitaka era (Daisuke Onuki)
Relocation to Fujino (Hiroko Urakami)
Volunteer project to establish high school "Seasonal handmade" (Yamadori?)
What were you doing "Bystander" at that time (Shigenori Yoshino)
Epoch Note, and Publishing / Printing (Etchu Makoto)

Conclusion (Michiko Koyasu)

The day when the Steiner School in Japan started