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Spring song


-From the field of Steiner kindergarten nursery school-
■ Author: Sakae Kakuguchi
■ Publisher name: Elaborate Publishing

"Haru no Uta", which has been out of stock for a long time, has been reprinted.
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2018/02/21 As of

【Product introduction】
A song book for people involved in early childhood education, born from the field of early childhood education. Introducing a lot of wonderful songs that can be used immediately. With illustrations and explanations

【Registration information】
Edition type: A5 size 33 pages
Publication date: 2010/3/2 (First edition, first print)
2018/2/20 (2nd print)
ISBN: 978-4-904082-11-9

【table of contents】
・ Kvinto and Pentatone

・ Ohana no bud
・ Frog
・ The sound of a bell
・ Pyonpyoko frog
・ Water flow
・ Mr. Soft breeze
・ Song before meals
・ Please open the princess
・ Dandelion
・ Tsuzuran Pompororin
・ Chirin Porin Paralympic Games
・ Kneading
・ Spring has come
・ Sowing seeds
・ Forest night dawn
・ Fluttering butterfly
・ Snail

・ Postscript

Spring song