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Heart Secret (1)


Read from Magnolia Bunko 4 "Philosophy of Freedom"
■ Author: Shinobu Yamamoto
■ Publisher name: Magnolia Shobo

【Product introduction】
Steiner described his book "Philosophy of Freedom" as "the only remaining book in 1000 years." The author, who is a doctor and works on the practice of anthroposophy medicine, wrote "The essence of the sun" while reading "Why is that?" I wonder if it is a commentary that explains "the secret of the heart". We will open the secret door to the ethereal world prepared by Steiner.

【Registration information】
Plate type: A5 size (148 x 210 mm) 36 pages
Publication date: 2017/7/23 (First edition, first print issued)

【table of contents】
Read 3 minutes and sleep for 30 minutes
Yuichi's book that remains 100 years later
Mountaineering corps
Secret door

Chapter 1 Meaning of the four rooms
From baby to heart
31 skeletons
The secret in the wall
Meaning of four rooms
Anatomical verification
Present for the heart
Pedagogical verification
Column (1) Why does the heart move?
Column (2) Goethe-like observation method
Column (3) "Orthostatic dysregulation" living on the mezzanine floor
Column (4) Catheter ablation and the ear of the heart

Chapter 2 12 Takumi and 48 Days of Creation
Agricultural verification
Ethical individualism

Column (5) Significance of seeding

Chapter 3 ECG Waveforms and Gospels
Meaning of ECG waveform
Meaning of ST wave
Meaning of U wave

Column (6) The heart of the priest
Column (7) How to read Steiner's book

[Sun music and sheet music]

Heart Secret (1)