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Our vitality and human mission


■ Author: Michael Dave's / Translation: Yuko Kagawa
■ Publisher name: SAKS-Books (Shikoku Anthroposophy Kreis Publishing Department)

【Product introduction】
Vitality is the fundamental power for us to live, the power to constantly create and transform, the power to heal illnesses, maintain health, and support memories and thoughts. This realm of life is also the realm where our inner self-will-is alive. This power is supplemented by lush nature, regular living, good diet and adequate rest and sleep.

However, in the present era in which we live, science and technology such as electromagnetic waves and radioactivity may have weakened our vitality and willpower while benefiting from it. ...

To think about these questions, we must first become familiar with the essence of vitality, and on that premise, we think that each person will be able to have countermeasures to strengthen vitality. So we planned the Eurythmy Symposium "How to Protect Our Vitality: Aiming for True Healing" and talked to priest Michael Dave's. ...

Mr. Dave's lecture was so fulfilling that it made me wonder if there was anything that had been focused on vitality from all perspectives. In particular, the story of "Fifth Ether", which has important moral qualities in the future for us, is the latest research result of Mr. Daves, and I would like to tell everyone in Japan from the beginning of the preparation for the symposium. This is an important content that you mentioned for the first time in Japan.

We hope that this content will inspire and help people who are active in all fields, and help them develop activities that protect and strengthen their vitality in each field. (* The introductory text is excerpted from the preface of this book)

Former Eurythmy Symposium Preparatory Meeting

【Registration information】
Plate type: 201 x 141 mm 112 pages Publication date: August 1, 2014
ISBN: 978-4-9906920-6-3

【table of contents】
"Our vitality and human mission" -For publication

Lecture 1 Natural vitality: What is ethereal?
Etheric body that gives life to the physical body / Spirit of gravity and weight
Goetheanum's Stained Glass Spirit of Weight / Overcoming Gravity by Spirit of Weight
Ethereal power to pull up matter / Art of ethereal movement
Four agglutinating states of matter / solid / liquid / gas
Heat: A bridge to the spiritual world / Seven elements

Lecture 2 Ethereal wisdom and human thinking
Development of four ethers / Image of ethereal things in the future
Why there is a sensory world / The origin of the sensory world
First stage of human development: imitating "no" / ethereal power as the power of thinking
Ethereal power to make relationships / Ether wisdom seen as a phenomenon in the world
Thinking exercised as power / From Q & A

Lecture 3 Human creativity and morality
From creation to creator / Possibility to open from working on the astral body
Working on the etheric body / The truly creative power is etheric
The power of thinking that makes humans the creator / The power of thinking that should be protected from Ahriman
Blood etherification and moral thinking
Human-created ether: Moral ether power
Morality as a new source of vitality / Eurythmy as the art of the spirit of life
About the source of trust / About the seventh art
Where do you know how moral ether works?

Lecture 4 Overcoming the power of the world below the sensory world
Eurythmy's mission / Eurythmy form as karma
From Moon Karma to Sun Karma: Gaining Freedom
How the laws of nature and karma coexist
Ethereal power and power below the sensory world
Three aspects of ethereal
From defensive to positive action

Translator's Postscript: Thinking about the "vessel" of the spiritual idea
Outline of Eurythmy Symposium

Our vitality and human mission