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Discover the way to listen


Music education that fosters listening
■ Author: Rheinhild Brass / Translation: Miharu Koga Junko Kanda
■ Publisher name: Audi Opede Publishing

【Product introduction】
Rheinhild Brass is a music instructor at the Waldorf Institute of Education in Witten. She has long been involved in constructive work at the Wiederschuele-Wattenscheid, a free Waldorf school co-founded in 1979, fostering an unconventional initiative for music education in grades 1-8. .. At its core are movement, improvisation, and a wide variety of newly developed instruments. The "listening path" found and walked there is now beginning to resonate with the first comprehensive depiction. Throughout the 8th grade, the way of being according to children is developed from practice and reflected in intensive consideration. -I hope that this book will encourage those who take listening seriously, follow the many listening paths depicted here while working with children, and make many new discoveries themselves. ..

【Registration information】
Plate type: A5 variant (155 x 217 mm) 240 pages
Publication date: 2016/10/3 (First edition, first print)
ISBN: 978-4-904082-34-8

【table of contents】

Premise for music
"I can't sing! 》 / Internal and external conditions / Music and movement

Hearing training
Voice as a mirror of hearing / Music class as a source of inspiration
/ Teacher as a listening entity / Awakening of musicality

Practice in each grade

1st grade
Question to the original image
Practice listening while moving / Practice in a circle / Practice in a square
/ Triangle practice
Creative freedom
Practice: Alternation of performers-Singing together / Practice: << Orchestra performance >>
Brightness and seriousness
Fantasy as a prelude to music
Practice: Free choice in the circle
Whistle and kinder harp and trust in the seven sounds
Statue and sound

Second grade
Use of various musical instruments
practice practice
Meaning of finding
Teacher as a master of attention
Practice: << Bee hive >>-Voice / Practice: Follow
Balance, listen, play
Auditory space
Practice in a circle / Practice: << Listen on your back >> / Practice: << Blindfold play >>
/ Practice: Guide and follow / Practice: Play with stones
/ Practice: << Stone Orchestra >>

3rd grade
Timing of transition
Practice: Pentagon / Practice: Octagon
Practice: 《Whistle Organ》 / Practice: Ostinato
From one voice to two voices
Practice: << Packing for travel >>
Musical score

4th grade
Song as hometown
Practice: 《Zurich Station》 / Practice
Rhythm practice
Practice with Handholtz / Practice with Kneeholtz
/ Practice: Roll a tree
Creative chaos
Practice for fraction calculation
Free singing and playing the flute
Practice / Flute practice
Lyre performance
Practice: Flowing form / Practice: Two-voice free performance

5th grade
Time signature and rhythm
Practicing with a pair / Practice: "How many people are singing?"

6th grade
Opportunity for diversity
Listen internally
Practice in 4 groups
Introduction of interval
Experience the space in between
Boundary experience
Take the pitch correctly
Practice: Left-Right / Practice: 4 and 3 beats
/ Practice: Imitation / Practice: Free conversation with three drums
Being a contemporary

7th grade
Individuality in the community
Musical instrument improvisation group
Learning together
Voice and voice change

8th grade
Independently guide improvisation
Sound dialogue
Three positional relationships
Movement practice


Beginning and end of class

Musical instrument
Wooden instrument / Metal instrument / Koroy flute
/ Other Koroy musical instruments / Kinder harp / Lyre

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Discover the way to listen