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Parent's work, teacher's work-education and social formation-


■ Author: Kai Irima Tetsuo Takeshita
■ Publisher name: SAKS-Books (Shikoku Anthroposophy Kreis Publishing Department)

【Product introduction】
Rudolf Steiner's goal of anthroposophy may be said to be "living with differences." Human beings are torn into two polarities such as light and darkness, self and others, east and west, head (intelligence) and limbs (will), embracing innumerable differences in the center and building a rich emotional life for each person. To go.

In this book, under the theme of "parents and teachers", which is one of these two polarities, two anthropozovs (human intelligence scholars) of different generations interlace their thoughts like a round-trip letter.

Kai Irima of the Japan Steiner Early Childhood Education Association gives a lecture when asked by Tetsuo Takeshita of Shikoku Anthroposophy Kreis, "What is the difference between parents and teachers?" From there, it becomes possible that parents on the "individual" side and teachers on the "society" side support "individual autonomy" throughout childhood, which may lead to "social formation."

In response, Takeshita discusses the differences between homes and societies between Japan and the West under the theme of "individuals and society," and looks at "the birth of individuals" and "socialization of the world" in Japan, enabling the formation of a new society. Explore sex.

Although there are differences in their views, in the reality of Japan, the attitude of trying to reorient anthroposophy on an individual basis is common. A new theory of Steiner education, anthroposophy, woven by weaving differences.

【Registration information】
Plate type: Shirokuban (207 x 138 mm), 164 pages Publication date: May 1, 2014 First edition first print issued
ISBN: 978-4-9906920-5-6

【table of contents】
Greetings from the organizer

Chapter 1 Steiner Education in the Age "Compromise" and "Individual Will"
Relationship with the times and society / Individual will and social gaze /
"Family" and "Society" in Japan / Individual Will /
Liberal Democratic Party's "Draft Constitutional Amendment" / How to Use Individual Will /
My own steps--Truancy / Encounter with English / School and society /
Work and "compromise" / Steiner School and Nazis--Teacher's Decision /
Truancy--Children's Decisions / Steiner's "Compromise" /
Living and changing Steiner school

Chapter 2 Reasons for the Establishment of the Steiner School Toward the Expression of "Individual Will"
What is "individual will" / "freedom" as social capital? / Creativity and dependence /
From Tatsuru Tsutamori's book / Love for action / "Education for freedom" / Conditions for compromise /
Three stages leading to self-affirmation / Contents of "ego" / "Mother's womb" of society /
Home as "mother's womb" / Community as "mother's womb" / Human society as "mother's womb"

Chapter 3 From Education to Social Formation About "Adult" Work
Education motto / Parent and teacher work / Environment creation and adult self-education /
Examples and imitations--the foundation of freedom / the beloved authority--the foundation of equality /
Truth and fraternity--the foundation of love / the difference between parents and teachers /
Steiner education as a social movement

Society and Individuals-History of Requesting Lectures to Mr. Iruma-
To give and to be given
Self-education and school education / social value of egoism

Transition from school education to social life
Meaning of authority in social life and teacher-apprentice relationship / conflict and overcoming with authority

Being superior or inferior and what should be equal
Meaning of individuals and awareness of human rights / Familyization of companies and socialization of families

Being a parent and being a teacher
Education of the worldly society as a social / social problem

Material at the end of the book

Appendix 1 From the question and answer session after the lecture
Anthroposophy as a starting point for "adults" / will and responsibility /
Meaning of "meditation" and "training" / Adult actions support children / "9-year-old crisis" /
Do ego and "energy" / "evil" really exist? / The power of "absence of individuals" /
Anthroposophy's "fight"

Appendix 2 Evil Problems
Existence of "Angel" / Relationship with thoughts, emotions, and will / "Angel's shadow" /
"Pit Pits of the Anthroposophy Movement" / Egoism and Nationalism /
"Community Will" and "Self-Awareness" for Its Shadow / Solidarity

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Parent's work, teacher's work-education and social formation-