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Rusted dagger


-The story of the summer solstice in Scotland-
■ Author: Unknown author / Translation: Naho Kanai
■ Publisher name: Forest House mysticosophia Fairytale Club

【Product introduction】
-To tell the story to children in the summer solstice (around the time of the John Festival)-

Fairy tales are a nutrient for children's minds * A treasure trove of human wisdom.
A child's mind and soul enjoys fairy tales and grows, just as the body nourishes and grows. Fairy tales will accompany and encourage the child's life in the future.
By the way, what do children meet in this season?
This book is written in two parts. In the "Commentary" following the fairy tale, Steiner & Jung researcher Kunimitsu Shiga read this Scottish folk tale based on the Steiner thought behind Steiner education.

【Registration information】
Edition: A5 size 28 pages
Release date: 6/8/2015
ISBN: 978-4-904082-30-0

【table of contents】
Rusted dagger-The story of the summer solstice in Scotland

Commentary Unravel the symbol hidden in "Rusted Dagger"
・ Tells the universal part of human beings
・ Personality of the main character
・ What is a sensory soul?
・ Harmful effects when the sensory soul works excessively
・ Relationship between "Soul Koyomi" and "Rusted Dagger"
・ Things hidden in the John Festival
・ Behavior by the wisdom of the mother

Rusted dagger