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■ Author: Robert Sardello / Translation: Yuko Okada
Publisher name: Ryofu Shorin

【Product introduction】
Silence is always with us under any circumstances.
It ’s the silence that makes you feel the distance
It's not because the silence has moved away from us, but because we have moved away from it.
Silence can be found in dissonances and in the constant flow of noise.

Prayer in silence, rhythm and tone,
And by resonating the creative nature of words in the body
It connects with beings beyond oneself.
(From the text)


Can "silence" be found anywhere now ...
In Japan, which is in an unprecedented situation,
This book presents a new path to silence in modern times.
Combining Steiner's ideas with Jung's psychology,
A masterpiece of psychoanalysis, the first translation in Japan.

【Registration information】
Plate type: 149 x 210 mm 160 pages
Date of issue: November 15, 2011 First print issued
ISBN: 978-4-903865-24-9

【table of contents】
Introductory words

1 Meditate on silence
2 Existence that protects silence
3 Enter into silence
4 Engage with people in silence
5 The healing power of silence
6 Silence in everyday life
7 Clean up the inside for silence
8 The silence of the heart
9 Silence, prayer, and meditation

Translator's postscript