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-Three sounds that represent the human soul-
■ Author: Michael Dave's Kaoruko Fujii
Translation: Yuko Kagawa
Publisher name: Rudolf Steiner Academy of Arts

【Product introduction】
IAO is a vowel spoken of EE-AH (not IAO). When Ryosuke Koda's heartfelt vowels are emitted from the back of his throat without being particular about it in "Otogenron", the vowel "a" is ... the vowel "e" is ... the vowel "i" The vowel "O" ... and the vowel "U" appear with a meaning like "inside the heart" and "outside" ... (I'm sorry for the inconvenience) I'm writing a sentence.
"Oh, oh," nice movement. Repeat this gesture when you wake up in the morning, sleep at night, or get tired. A wonderful magical sound springs from the depths of your heart. Actually, I'm going to the elderly = "mothers" now, but I'm working with "Come on, I'm going to".
Now, a book about my favorite vowel "Iao" has been released. Please try it.
Mr. Daves is a priester (priest of the Christian Community) in Germany (also mastering science and philosophy) and also works as a broad academic teacher.

【Registration information】
Speaker: Michael Dave's
Edition type: A5 size 105 pages
Release date: 2015/7/25
ISBN: 978-4-904082-32-4

【table of contents】
For publication

Lecture by Michael Daves
IAO ~ Marvel, empathy, conscience as a cover of Christ ~

Part 1 The Secret of Christ
Christ, the only god who experienced death
Lucifer's speciality and Christ's ordinaryness
Taking the path from a Lucifer-like longing
Christ's earthly way and incarnation
An ideal human being as a vessel of Christ
Two Jesus who became one human
Blood secret
A human being called to create the cover of Christ
group work

Part 2 Conscience
Two ego experiences
Conscience of the 27th year-morality by authority
Conscience of the 37th Year-Internal Authority
Individual conscience that appeals to the will
Self-identity as the original morality

Part 3 Marvel, empathy, and conscience as a cover of Christ
Empathy in the sense of suffering together
A modern direction that goes against the three relationships
Marvel, empathy, conscience and IAO
The way to be yes
Pre-Christian IOA
IAO in the post-Christ world
Christian relationship with the world, neighbors, and myself
The flow of wisdom from the west and the second coming of Christ
Marvel, empathy, conscience in the face of Christ

Question-and-answer session
About morality and fifth ether
A line that strengthens morality-Looking back

About Eurythmy's IAO-The Origin and Essence of Its Sound-
― Kaoruko Fujii

1. 1. IAO as an eurythmy practice
1-1. Challenges for Raleigh Schmitz
1-2. Practice the nature, action, and behavior of I, A, and O sounds
1-3. Eurythmy therapy IAO
1-4. Relationship with the three works of the soul
1-5. Variations of IAO practice

2. 2. Color experience in I, A, O

3. 3. Pre-stage of Eurythmy-Esoteric Schule
3-1. Morning practice
3-2. Evening practice
3-3. Practice to feel the action of Christ in yourself

4. Variations of I, A, O
4-1. AOI
4-2. IOA
4-3. AIO

5. IAO in Eurythmy's work
5-1. Goethe "Das Gottliche"
5-2. Rudolf Steiner "Cornerstone Words"

6. Conclusion

Translator's postscript