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Rudolf Steiner's View of Human beings and Education

Steiner's education is based on the philosophy of the German-focused thinker Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925). With insight into the will and wisdom that continue to grow in human existence, Steiner aimed to nurture human beings who would contribute to society while consciously growing themselves through school education. The main characteristics of this education are an artistic and system curriculum tailored to the child's growth process, which is based on a cycle of seven years, and the formation of classes that mobilize all intelligence, emotions, and wills to learn the essence of the world and human beings with love. Since the birth of the first Steiner School (Free Waldorf School) in Germany in the early 20th century, the number of schools has continued to grow, with more than 1,000 schools worldwide in 2012. Steiner Gakuen is active with international connections in the expanding circle of Steiner School.