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Steiner Gakuen

We introduce "Steiner Gakuen" in Kanagawa Prefecture.

People who can think for themselves, feel themselves, and act on their own will,
I can walk like myself in any era.
We will nurture people who have the power to live.

Based on Rudolf Steiner's educational philosophy, We, Steiner Gakuen, have a 12-year-old curriculum that balances "ama", "mind" and "body", so that we can live our lives as ourselves in any era and environment, based on Rudolf Steiner's educational philosophy. we aim to nurture free people.

12 years of integrated education tailored to the developmental stage
Steiner Gakuen provides integrated elementary, junior high and high school education for 12 years. Based on Steiner Education's unique view of humanity, we practice a systematic curriculum tailored to the child's developmental stage for each grade. The eight years from the school age of the first year to the eighth grade of puberty are considered as a group, and a healthy body is created in a rhythmic life, and the foundation of learning is solidified in daily classes. For four years from 9th to 12th grade, we call it "higher school" and move to more advanced and specialized learning.

Photography_Mind-moving learning
Learning experiences that use the senses to move the mind
Since I was a freshman, Steiner Gakuen has been using various senses to teach with an emphasis on experience. In a classroom decorated with beautiful colors, an environment full of songs for daily learning, and touching a lot of beautiful things from a young age naturally nurtures the mind that feels "beautiful". Daily learning becomes a moving experience, and you will acquire lively knowledge. Classes aimed at harmonizing "ama", "mind" and "body" foster children's "ability to live". The curriculum that emphasizes practical learning and experience can be said to be the forerunner of "active learning" that has been attracting attention recently.

To win true freedom
Steiner Gakuen aims to "educate on freedom". In the true sense of the day, Steiner Gakuen values the lives and environments that are the foundation of children in the way of nurturing "free people." In addition, we are working to foster self-esteem and self-affirmation, such as not evaluating in primary. Children who are well protected and raised will be able to think for themselves, feel themselves, and act on their own will. We will nurture people who have an inner compass and can walk their lives powerfully with their own feet.

Photo_Supported by teachers and parents
a school that is supported by teachers and parents, mainly children
From the time we started as a small free school in Shinjuku in 1987 to the present day, it remains a community where everyone creates better schools. As a school corporation, there are various ways of involving parents, such as supporting education as parents of children and directly involved in school management as directors and staff. In addition, we are aware that each faculty member is a leader and a person in charge, and we are also in charge of education and management.

【Steiner Gakuen】
Primary and Secondary
2805-1 Meikura, Midori-ku, Sagamihara-ku, Kanagawa 252-0187
Higher Division
407 Yoshino, Midori-ku, Sagamihara-ku, Kanagawa 252-0183